As you are aware, the Province of NB has informed the public that as of 11:59pm September 21st all individuals entering our facilities must be fully vaccinated.  The YMCA will be enforcing this policy effective 5:30am on Wednesday September 22nd.

All fully vaccinated individuals are welcome to enter the YMCA and use its facilities.  The YMCA will need to verify the vaccination status of its members and the public, thus all individuals entering the YMCA facilities will need to show proof of vaccination along with a government issued id.  All YMCA staff and volunteers are fully vaccinated and will continue to work to insure your safety throughout the facilities.

For our members, you will be required to show proof of vaccination along with your membership card to a front desk staff.  Once verified, you will be given access to the facilities.  The verification will be noted on your membership file and you will not be required to produce your vaccination status again as long as your membership remains active.  The YMCA will not save any vaccination record once visually verified.  Your membership card will give you access to both YMCA facilities.  We recommend that you have a copy of your vaccination status on your person in case a provincial inspector requests it.

For non-members and the general public, you will be required to produce proof of vaccination status along with a government issued id upon entering the YMCA premises.  Failure to produce both documents will result in you being asked to leave the premises.

Appropriate signage will be posted at all entry points to the YMCA as well as in the facilities.  We will be enforcing this new government policy to the best of our abilities and ask for your patience and understanding during the roll out.


Thank you,

Zane Korytko, CEO

YMCA of Greater Moncton.