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YMCA ReConnect Stories: Finding Humanity in Homelessness Exhibition

Moncton, NB – May 14th, 2024 - The YMCA of Greater Moncton proudly announces its latest project, "YMCA ReConnect Stories: Finding Humanity in Homelessness." This impactful exhibition, which premiered online on April 18th, is now prominently showcased at both YMCA of Greater Moncton locations – YMCA Vaughan Harvey and YMCA Moncton North.

Register now for the YMCA NorthWest Connections 5K!

With your support, we can positively impact even more youth in 2024.  Join us on June 1st at 9am for a 5k fun run/walk.  Starting at YMCA Moncton North, we’ll travel the Northwest Trail and you’ll make a difference with every stride!  

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