Program Participation Policy for Children

Proper supervision of children and youth while in the YMCA is essential to ensure safety and security. All youth ages 11 and under must be in a supervised program or with a parent or guardian (at least 16 years old) at all times. The YMCA reserves the right to determine if more parental supervision is required.

Parents and guardians must remain in the building at all times when children are in Y programs, with the exception of programs labelled PNR (Parents not Required) on the Program Schedule. Children ages 11 and under require a parent/guardian to sign them in and out of all programs, including ones labelled PNR.

Children aged 9 and under are not permitted in the Fitness Centre.

Under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian, children 10 and 11 years old are permitted to attend the Fitness Centre, Group Fitness classes (land or aquatic), and Adult Sports. The YMCA promotes active lifestyles and exercising within arms reach of their adult role models. When children are in these spaces, they must be participating in the activity with an adult.

Public Swims

Safety must take priority

  • Swim tests are required and the ratios below must be followed at all times. Failure to meet the below ratios and guidelines will result in denied entry.
  • Lifeguards have the right to enforce enhanced safety precautions for any swimmer. This could include requiring lifejackets or limiting swimming to shallow areas only. This applies to everyone regardless of age.


Within Arm’s Reach: Parent/Guardian must be in the same space and able to make immediate physical contact with the child/children. In a pool area, this means in the water and directly beside them.

Direct Supervision: Parent/Guardian must maintain frequent eye contact with the child/children.