The YMCA Community Action Network’s September Cohort to Launch Awareness Campaign about Mental Health and Resiliency

The YMCA Community Action Network (YCAN) is an innovative national program that engages leaders ages 15 to 30 across Canada to address a community need through service projects. The program, part of the Canada Service Corps initiative, supports youth with opportunities to identify and execute a local service project that is meaningful to them.

The Humans of Moncton awareness campaign aims to decrease the stigma around mental health, by sharing stories of real people in the community of Moncton who have lived through hard times and learned to become resilient. The Humans of Moncton Facebook page will share around 20-25 stories from December 6, 2020 until December 18, 2020.

“Some people have chosen to remain anonymous which only highlights the need for this project. People don’t want others’ opinions of them to change” says Nicole Wry, YCAN Coordinator.
The group’s motivation comes from their own personal experiences with stigmatizing mental health, “Most of us have struggled with, or know someone who has struggled with mental health, but some generations have a hard time accepting mental health issues when it comes to real people in their lives.”

Humans of Moncton hopes that sharing real life stories will create some positive conversation about mental health in our community.
“We want people to know that it’s okay to share their story” says Jaime Coates, member of the September Cohort.
The more we talk about our struggles with mental health, the more we will help others who might be feeling alone.

You can find the page on Facebook: Humans of Moncton
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