To our valued members,

We are so excited to be able to re-open our facilities for you!  Our team met this morning to discuss and we will not open on Saturday, January 29 due to the impending storm.  Our Vaughan Harvey location will open on Sunday, January 30 at 7:00am.  Our YMCA Moncton North will re-open on Monday, January 31 at 6:30am.  We apologize that we are not able to get both YMCA’s open on Sunday but with such little notice, getting proper staffing for both locations was a struggle.

Saturday, January 29 – both locations closed due to impending weather

Sunday, January 30 – Vaughan Harvey location, regular hours & schedule

Monday, January 31 – Both locations open, regular hours & schedule

We are sure our members will have LOTS of questions for us so here are some details:

Membership Payments

During the closure, all of our membership accounts were put on ‘hold’.  No membership payments were removed.  Our payment schedule will resume where it left off (ex. If you had 5 days before your next payment prior to our closing, you will have 5 days before your next payment once we re-open)  Any pre-paid annual memberships or memberships through our Financial Assistance Program will be extended by the amount of days we were closed.  If you are looking to make any changes to your account, please contact us on or after Monday, January 31 at or 857-0606.

Thank you so much to those who converted their membership fees or made a donation during our closure.

Proof of Vaccination

Proof of vaccination is required to enter our facilities.  If you have been using our facility recently, you would have already provided yours for verification.  Once we have verified and made note of your vaccination status, no further checks are required. We do remind you to keep a copy of your vaccination status on you at all times in case Public Health requests a spot check.

Masks and Physical Distancing

Masks continue to be mandatory in all public spaces of our building.  Masks are required at all times unless physically exerting yourself while exercising.  Please respect your fellow members by physical distancing whenever possible.  This includes locker rooms.

Community Programs

Our community programs were uninterrupted during this closure and will continue to run following all recommended safety protocols.  To learn more about our community programs and ways to support, visit our website:

Daycare and Afterschool Programs

These programs were uninterrupted during our closure and continue to run as normal following all recommended safety protocols.

We thank you all for your encouraging words and for staying with us through yet another mandated closure.  We will continue to do our best to keep our members, volunteers, participants and staff safe through this pandemic and beyond.

If you have any questions for us, please forward them to and we will be happy direct them accordingly.

We can not wait to see you!

Your YMCA of Greater Moncton family