YMCA North End FAQ

More than a decade ago, a group of north-end citizens approached the city for a community centre in that area citing a lack of recreational and community services. Within a few years, Moncton City Council added capital funding for such a project. Knowing the costs would be greater for the project to see the light of day, the YMCA and the City established funding partnerships with provincial and federal governments.

In 2014, the City of Moncton invited the YMCA to discuss partnering on construction of a centre. YMCAs across Canada frequently partner with municipalities on such projects after being invited to do so because of the quality and delivery of Y programs. YMCAs are known for taking a community’s vision and figuring out how best to make it sustainable in the long-term.

Fall 2015: Corporate Research Associates – on behalf of the Y – carried out a Feasibility Study that included telephone and online surveys with north-end residents to determine what recreational services and community services they valued most.

March 2016: The results of the Feasibility Study were presented to Moncton City Council. It came through loud and clear with the Feasibility Study that there was a need and a demand for a YMCA community centre. The study found that residents would like the centre to offer fitness classes, recreational sports programs, an indoor splash pad and playground, literacy programs, seniors programs and wellness programs. Council asked city staff to report back that summer or fall with information as to what a partnership between the Y and the City would look like (ownership and operating arrangements) and what would be included in a possible centre in the north end. Planning evolved to include the Y, the city and the north-end residents’ committee working together to jointly recommend the best model legally, financially and operationally.

December 2017: Moncton City Council unanimously approved proceeding with the north-end project, working together with the YMCA to facilitate the design and construction of the community centre. The partnership agreement followed feasibility studies, conceptual planning and a detailed functional program review to establish a clear understanding of activities that could be accommodated at the centre.

March 2019: A public hearing regarding the rezoning of the land for the centre was held. No objections were received. Moncton City Council unanimously approved the rezoning.

Spring 2019: Construction began on the YMCA Moncton North. Acadian Construction of Dieppe is construction manager for the project.

Sept. 5, 2020: The YMCA Moncton North opened.

The YMCA owns and operates the facility. For 150 years, the YMCA of Greater Moncton—a registered charity—has provided children and adults with a variety of programs and services dedicated to personal growth and has spearheaded many community initiatives.

As part of their capital funding commitment and the partnership agreement, the City of Moncton remains involved in the project at all stages. Certain elements of the centre are available to all residents.

The YMCA is for everyone. We help people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities lead healthier, more active, more connected lives, regardless of their financial situation. The YMCA Moncton North will not only be accessible to YMCA members but the community at large. All residents will be able to access features free of charge such as the indoor walking track, community rooms and public gathering spaces. The Y will have a number of membership options available as well as convenient drop-in options.

The new facility complements the services provided at the YMCA Vaughan Harvey. Overall, the new facility is about 35,000 square feet, about half the size of the downtown Y.  The centre includes various components such as a main gym, an indoor splashpad and indoor playground, an indoor walking track, a studio gym, multi-purpose spaces, a universal change room and an outdoor playground. The facility is designed with expansion in mind as future projects like a library are an option. The new facility offers member programs like fitness classes, sports, personal training, youth activities, and more. YMCA member access cards will be good at both Moncton locations. Licensed afterschool programs are also available. As well, the public will have scheduled access to the indoor splash pad and play park, walking track, and multi-purpose spaces.

The YMCA Moncton North will complement services provided at the YMCA Vaughan Harvey. Members will have access to the pools at the main Y.

This is a $17-million project in total. The federal and provincial governments are contributing each $4 million and the City of Moncton is contributing $6 million ($4 million towards the facility; $2 million for development of the Twin Oaks extension). The YMCA is undertaking a $3-million capital campaign towards the project.