Personal Training


Hiring a Personal trainer gives one access to expert advice on a range of wellness and fitness-related subjects. Trainers give guidance on setting objectives, recommending exercises, maintaining a healthy diet, preventing injuries, increasing the difficulty of activities, and offering continuous support.

Personal Training Is Great Way To

·         Fulfill specific Fitness goals
·         Knowing about Nutrition
·         Getting accountable and motivated
·         Conquer Plateaus
·         Master new things
·         Setting individualised plan
·         To Manage healthy weight

Personal Training Plans

Sessions – Cost before tax
1 – $72
3 – $198
6 – $372
12 – $696
24 – $1296
36 – $1800

A Plan Created Just For You

Your personalized plan is created by YMCA certified Personal Trainers utilizing scientific exercise principles and techniques to help you maintain your gains. In order to create a comprehensive, customized training plan and ensure that you consistently set and achieve personal bests, goals, dietary habits, and lifestyle choices are all taken into consideration.

Generate Your Plan

Together with your Y trainer, build an effective plan that you can live with.

Start Your Journey

Put in the effort and watch how fast development leads to outcomes. Your plan, which is based on scientific exercise principles, will motivate you to reach tiny objectives that gradually improve your general health and fitness.

Connect To Your Trainer

The goal of personal training is to achieve your goals. You will work closely with one of our knowledgeable trainers to achieve your fitness objectives.


I started training with Maryann about 7 months ago I was so afraid to start going to the gym because I had no idea what I was doing. She made it easy and fun like I was going to the gym with a friend every time. She made going to the gym and working out fun instead of a chore and I haven’t looked back since. Appreciate everything she taught me.

Nate Damon

I had my first personal training session this week with Maryann. I had such an awesome time! I have been nervous for years to work with a personal trainer because I was worried they would be too weight/appearance focused, and that they would shame me, make me feel bad, or put me on too strict of a routine or diet.

But I was so relieved after my session with Maryann! Her health values and goals are absolutely in alignment with my own. She made me feel confident, successful, and capable, after just one session, and I am so excited to keep working with her.

Thank you to Maryann and the YMCA for helping me feel like I can finally become a healthier, stronger, happier person!

Amoreena Ashe

Flexible, motivating, and inspirational. I came to Amanda with a number or limitations a little over a year ago. She worked within those limitations, challenged them and helped me to grow in ways I didn’t really feel I could. I was always intimidated by the idea of personal training. She changed all of that and now I would recommend it to anyone needing guidance with their health and the gym scene. Top notch training! Top notch human!

Amy Badyal

I would like to express my appreciation for the motivation and encouragement Tony continues to provide during my workout.

He is quick to provide proper instruction on the machines in the weight room, and find him approachable and eager to help everyone. I feel confident that I am receiving training from a knowledgeable staff member, and want to personally thank him for his enthusiasm, intense energy, and fun approach to helping me achieve my personal goals.

And….for getting me to actually like having a consistent weight routine.

Sue Stratton

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