Community Initiatives

Good things happen when everyone in our community feels a sense of belonging and connection. That’s why, since 1870, we’ve been bringing people together and providing supportive, inclusive programming to address specific and unique needs within our community.  We invite you to become engaged as a participant, volunteer or donor.

The YMCA Adult Day Program is dedicated to providing a quality day service to adults with exceptionalities. We strive to enhance the quality of life for those who participate by providing a friendly, socially-stimulating and safe atmosphere.

Our Adult Day Program offers participants the opportunity to get active, both physically and mentally, create friendships and have fun! Activities in the community room, gym and swimming in the therapy or lane pool are all part of the daily schedule. A nutritious breakfast and lunch are also provided.

This program is offered Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and includes meals and activities/outings.

For more information or to try the program for a day, please call 857-0606 ext 2233 or email

Since 2007, the YMCA of Greater Moncton, with help from its community partners, has been home to a community garden that has provided people in the surrounding area and beyond with access to nutritious food and the knowledge, training and tools to use that food appropriately. The YMCA Community Garden creates a green space for people to gather, socialize, and learn about where their food comes from, all while watching it grow and reaping the benefits of their labor.

The YMCA Community Garden is designed to meet the needs of everyone in the community. The garden is divided up into 90 plots and 7 raised beds for individuals with mobility challenges. The garden also boasts apple trees, raspberry and blueberry patches, and currant bushes.

Garden plots can be purchased for $25. This cost includes:

  • Water
  • Access to the shed and tools
  • Garden and soil preparation

There are many volunteer opportunities available through the community garden. To learn how to get involved as a gardener, volunteer, or both, please contact Jaime MacLellan, at

The YMCA Community Action Network (YCAN) is an innovative national program that engages leaders ages 15 to 30 across Canada to address a community need through service projects. The program, part of the Canada Service Corps initiative, supports youth with opportunities to identify and execute a local service project that is meaningful to them. The YMCA is specifically tailoring this initiative to involve and support youth who are traditionally underrepresented, including youth who are experiencing poverty, racialized, newcomer, Indigenous, have a disability or identify as part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. If you’re interested, please follow the link below to request more information, or email

YMCA Alternative suspension

YMCA Alternative Suspension is the only program of its kind in Canada that offers support to students who are suspended from school, before they drop out and leave school permanently. The program has evolved over the years into a strong partnership with and essential resource for the Anglophone East School District.

The YMCA Alternative Suspension program’s founding philosophy is that a traditional suspension from school is an opportunity wasted for everyone involved: the student, their parents, the school and the community. The program works in partnership with middle and high schools to provide an alternative for students who would normally be left to their own devices without structure or supervision to reflect on the situation and complete assigned schoolwork. The program seeks to intervene in this time of crisis, while supporting the students in their schoolwork and eventually with their reintegration into school. The goal is to reduce the number of repeat suspensions for youths and encourage them to continue their studies.

Please contact for more information.

We would like to thank the following organizations and institutions:

  • Anglophone East School District
  • Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund
  • RBC Youth Mental Health
  • YMCAs of Quebec

Hosted at YMCA Moncton North, the goal of Youth Connections is to give youth a safe space to call their own, where they can socialize, make new friendships, and learn life skills. Youth Connections has three pillars: socializing, life skills and community-based volunteering.

Social events will include activities like open gym, art classes, movie night, and twice a month we hold cooking skills building. Make sure to sign up for Thursday nights!

Youth will develop life skills by participating in workshops on topics like resume building, job and university applications, alcohol and drug awareness, and mental health awareness.

Volunteering will involve youth in different programs around their community, like food banks, homeless shelters, nursing homes and other organizations where they will be able to have a positive influence on their community.

This is a program for youth, designed by youth!  We want to hear from you!  Give us ideas on different activities, training/ information sessions and volunteer opportunities that would interest you. This program is offered to youth ages 12 – 17.   

Please contact Noah Black, Facility & Community Initiatives Coordinator, at or 857-0606  to confirm interest, share ideas, or ask questions.

Contact Noah TODAY!

“YMCA Youth Connections wants to say a big thank you to Jumpstart!  Through their sponsorship, our program will receive new equipment and supplies and help us provide a quality experience for our youth.  We are grateful for the support!”

YTP gives youth between 12 and 21 a sense of belonging through one-on-one support and mentorship, and offers workshops to develop the life skills they need to be healthy, stable adults.

Using a trauma-informed and strength based approach, young people gain resiliency, cultivate positive mental well-being, and gain the capacity to reach their fullest potential.

Participants are encouraged to determine their goals and are guided on their journey to meet them with the help of our Youth Transition Support Workers.

As well as one-on-one support, the Youth Transitions Program offers life skills workshops presented to groups and classes. The topics are as follows:

  • Adulting – life skills on topics ranging from relationships to finances to help youth better prepare for adulthood
  • Anger Management – how we can express healthy anger, understand our emotions, and avoid having anger control us
  • Post-Secondary Preparation – what options are available at university, college, apprenticeship, and the work-place; how to prepare for them and how to access them
  • Learning To Breathe (Mindfulness) – improve emotional regulation, attention, and self-awareness

If you are interested in participating, reach out to Baruch at

The Y Mind program is an innovative, youth informed, early intervention program that helps teens and young adults manage stress and anxiety. Y Mind helps young people cope with anxiety and improve their sense of well-being by introducing them to evidence-based tools and connecting them with others.

Y Mind was first developed by the YMCA of Greater Vancouver and has been offered in British Columbia since 2018 with thanks to funding provided by the Province of British Columbia. Y Mind has now expanded to 21 YMCAs across the country.

Y Mind Teen

Y Mind Teen is a free seven-week mental wellness program for teens ages 13 to 18  who are experiencing symptoms of mild-to-moderate anxiety or stress. Participants learn and practice evidence-based strategies to help manage anxiety.

Y Mind Teen is led by trained mental health professionals and gives teens the chance to connect with peers who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings.

Y Mind Youth
Y Mind Youth is a free seven-week mental wellness program for young people who are aged 18 to 30 and struggling with mild-to-moderate anxiety or stress. Anxiety can impact our lives by preventing us from doing what we want or need to do. It can also be an isolating experience.

This free program brings young people who have similar thoughts and feelings together. Participants learn evidence-based skills from trained mental health professionals and report feeling reduced anxiety, increased well-being and feeling less alone following the program.

For more information or to express interest, please contact

Be You is a free drop in for 2SLGBTQ+ Youth ages 12-17. Join Hannah every Tuesday from 6pm-8pm at YMCA Vaughan Harvey for fun, games, themed nights and gymnasium time in a space where you are safe to be your authentic self. Be You is designed to make young 2SLGBTQ+ people feel safe and give them a place where they can always feel like they belong.

Youth are invited to bring their friends if that makes them more comfortable.


The YMCA of Greater Moncton is dedicated to meeting the needs of children, youth and adults through a variety of community-based programs and activities. These important programs give individuals from all backgrounds opportunities to positively engage and participate in society.

Many people think homelessness is a big city issue. The reality is homelessness takes many forms, from those who are absolutely without any place to call home (and many people in Greater Moncton are, indeed, sleeping in doorways, in shelters, under bridges) to the so-called ‘hidden homeless’ — young people, for example, who ‘couch surf’ from one friend’s place to another, to those who are living in unsafe, unaffordable housing.

What is the Y doing to help?

The ReConnect Street Intervention Program is one of many community initiatives delivered by the YMCA of Greater Moncton.

When the local Y established ReConnect in collaboration with community partners in 2001, the program was developed to do more than just meet the short-term, ‘hand-out’ needs of those on the street, needs such as food or shelter. It was also designed to make a difference in the longer term, by helping youth, adults and seniors who are homeless or at risk of being homeless connect with appropriate community resources, giving those individuals a supportive ‘hand up’ to potentially improve their lives.

YMCA ReConnect workers continue to deliver immediate support where needed, such as referring individuals to agencies committed to assisting with emergency food items and hygiene products. As well, they contribute longer-term aid, connecting individuals with community and/or government resources in the areas of housing, education, employment and counselling.

YMCA ReConnect is client-centered. Its core services include:

• identifying and approaching vulnerable or at-risk individuals;

• referring and accompanying these individuals to the appropriate resources (food bank, emergency shelter, legal support, etc.);

• offering psychological support (short-term and emergency interventions);

• helping individuals find more secure housing or an environment that is more favourable to their social reintegration.

What can YOU do to help?

With your help, YMCA ReConnect will continue to serve individuals and families who need a ‘hand up’ to connect, feel a sense of belonging, rebuild their trust in people and find services that can help them.

We accept cash and in-kind donations such as gift cards and hygiene products. Donations can be made as a one-time contribution or as planned installments.

$50 provides a client with government-issued identification, which enables them to access social assistance or to open a bank account.

$250 helps the client to secure affordable and safe housing.

$10,000 ensures YMCA staff remain front-line offering support to clients living in challenging situations.

For more information, please call Shannon Barry at 857-0606 ext 2285.

In 2013, YMCA ReConnect received provincial funding to provide outreach services for a new housing initiative in Moncton aimed at helping homeless individuals transition to long-term housing. The funding allowed YMCA ReConnect to hire two Housing Support Workers to work with homeless clients, assessing their needs, assisting with personal goals and connecting them with stable housing and appropriate services. The initiative helps individuals who don’t have safe, affordable housing get out of shelters, into their own housing and helps them remain in that housing with the aid of professionals who do continuous follow-up. The program is making a significant difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

SUN outreach workers provide tenancy support, skills training and help clients build and maintain relationships with their landlords. Clients voluntarily participate and take the lead on what level of support is required.

The Downtown Ambassador program was launched in June 2016, initiated by Downtown Moncton Centreville Inc. (DMCI) in partnership with the City of Moncton and YMCA ReConnect. Through the initiative, two “Downtown Ambassadors” work to provide a variety of public safety, hospitality and goodwill services. YMCA ReConnect administers the program and its staff, whose overall goal is to make downtown Moncton a welcoming and inclusive place for those living, working and visiting. As part of their role, the workers provide outreach services to those experiencing homelessness and work with the business community. Although a more traditional summer program, the ambassadors have worked throughout Spring, Fall, and even the Winter months.

Downtown Ambassadors engage in crisis prevention/interventions and make necessary referrals if needed during their regular walks through the downtown core. The work of the Downtown Ambassadors is carried out in partnership with municipal bylaw officers and outreach agencies.