PHASE 4 Re-Open – February 12 (NE) February 14 (Vaughan Harvey)
We are extremely happy to welcome our members back to our facilities during this ‘new’ Orange Level.  We are still limited in class and program sizes.   This Phase will begin with access to our YMCA activities for members only (our NE Walking Track will be the only exception).  Non-members can purchase a day pass or commit to a membership but there will be no drop-in fee programs (ie – public swims, Pickleball, etc.)
YMCA of Greater Moncton users agree to:

  • Wear a mask at all times in all areas including the Fitness Center while exercising and on the pool deck.  *Masks can be removed before entering the pool but must be put back on upon exiting the pools (bring a plastic baggie if you want to keep your mask dry!) **Masks can be removed while participating in a group fitness class once participants arrive at their station (3m of distance between each station)
  • Maintain a safe physical distance at all times – at least 2 m / 6 ft
  • Use proper hygiene etiquette including sanitizing my hands regularly
  • Respect the physical distancing
  • Pre-reserve my lane swims and limit them to two 30 min sessions per day,
  • Sanitize any equipment and furniture before and after each
  • Use Locker rooms only when necessary.  Please limit time spent in locker rooms.   Showers are not available during the Orange Level.
  • Members are reminded that masks are required and social distancing guidelines apply in locker rooms.  If you are uncomfortable in any space, please step away. 
  • Bring all your things with you when you go.  There is NO Lost & Found
  • Childminding returns.  Participants must pre-register.


For our Plus Members:
* Masks are required in all locker rooms. 
* Maintain a safe physical distance at all times. 
* Showers are not available at this time.
* 1 person limit in the Whirlpool and Sauna.  Please be considerate of your fellow members and allow others their turn.
** If at any point in time the Government of New Brunswick and/or Public Health changes their guidelines, we will adjust ours accordingly.