YMCA Plusone Mentoring is a community-based program for youth 10 to 17 years old who are experiencing challenges in their social and academic development. Participants are referred to the program by community partners including schools, social workers, police and other YMCA programs.

Youth participants are matched with a volunteer adult mentor for a one-year period. The pair meet weekly at their local YMCA to participate in sports, leisure and capacity-building activities. As the year progresses, an authentic relationship is formed between the youth and their mentor.

Mentors receive specialized training prior to engaging with their mentee, and the mentoring relationship is guided by a program support worker.

The objective at the end of one year is to have leveraged the mentoring relationship and for the youth to have gained new skills and tools to help them navigate the challenges they confront in their daily life.

 Helping youth by providing…

  • A positive adult role model
  • A space to enjoy and share their passion
  • Guidance through challenges at school, at home, or in the community
  • Opportunities to discover new interests and aspirations, as well as develop new abilities
  • Avenues to create or expand their positive social network
  • A chance to be themselves and have fun!

Helping the community by...

  • Working proactively with youth to build resilience and a positive self-image
  • Contributing to the reduction of youth criminality
  • Presenting community members with an impactful volunteering opportunity
  • Providing a complementary approach to clinical intervention and other community-based programs

All  program activities are free and take place at your local YMCA.

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