Alternative to suspension

YMCA Alternative Suspension is the only program of its kind in Canada that offers support to students who are suspended from school, before they drop out and leave school permanently. The program has evolved over the years into a strong partnership with and essential resource for the Anglophone East School District.

The YMCA Alternative Suspension program’s founding philosophy is that a traditional suspension from school is an opportunity wasted for everyone involved: the student, their parents, the school and the community. The program works in partnership with middle and high schools to provide an alternative for students who would normally be left to their own devices without structure or supervision to reflect on the situation and complete assigned schoolwork. The program seeks to intervene in this time of crisis, while supporting the students in their schoolwork and eventually with their reintegration into school. The goal is to reduce the number of repeat suspensions for youths and encourage them to continue their studies.

We would like to thank the following organizations and institutions:

  • Medavie Health Foundation
  • Green Shield Canada Foundation
  • YMCAs of Quebec
  • Anglophone East School District
  • Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund
  • RBC Youth Mental Health