Donny & Paula

“The Y has given us our lives back.”

If you were to ask Paula and Donny McLaughlin why the YMCA is so special to them, they would simply tell you, “The Y has given us our lives back.”

In 2012, Donny was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This active couple, who once enjoyed rewarding careers and a full social calendar, now faced a difficult road. Both left their jobs, and Paula became a fulltime caregiver.

As part of his therapy, Donny’s doctor recommended he join a social group. At first he hesitated, but finally agreed to visit the Y’s Adult Day Program. Since then, Donny has never looked back. The program provides a quality day service to adults with various physical or intellectual abilities. Donny’s days include fitness and swimming, games, art, group discussions and outings.

After two years, Donny is fit, has learned new skills and made close friendships.

For Paula, the program gives her a break from her ongoing caregiver role. She can run errands and take personal time knowing that Donny is safe and well-cared for.

For families like Donny and Paula, the Y’s Adult Day Program is invaluable. It enhances the quality of life for participants and provides a much-needed support system for their families.

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