Online Registration

The YMCA of Greater Moncton has moved to online registration for our members to register for certain programs.  We’ve created this video to provide tips on how to activate your online account.

You can access our online registration portal from this link.

Anyone can create an online account to make a donation or view our activities, but we need to be sure it’s connected to your membership so you can register for activities.

If you know you haven’t given us an email address, you will not be able to access your existing account. Call or drop in to our Membership Desk and we will update your account details. You can then login online using the ‘Forgot Password’ function.

If you have a membership, you already have an account. The issue is whether you can currently access it. If you have previously given us an email address, activate your account by choosing either of the ‘Sign-In’ links on the registration portal and typing in your login – which is your email address. Then click ‘Forgot Password’, which will give you a temporary password by email. Once you retrieve your password, continue the sign-in process. You’ll have to create your own password. (If you encounter a problem, you may have given us a different email or not given one at all. Call or drop by our Membership Desk to update your account details.)

While you’re on the portal, view the ‘My Account’ option. There are a number of functions you can do here, such as registering for activities, printing membership and  payment receipts, and updating your account details.