Twenty-six-year-old Hali Douthwright of Petitcodiac is overflowing with passion and doesn’t let Down syndrome stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Take music. Hali is extremely passionate about music and one day hopes to be on The Voice. Her love of music has allowed her to volunteer as a judge for the Down Syndrome Society’s annual talent show. (Look out for Hali, Gwen Stefani!)

Then there’s Hali’s passion for helping. She is willing to do just about anything to lend a hand to those in need.

She volunteers weekly for the Friends of the Moncton Hospital, helping in the hospital pantry and with raffles and other fundraisers. In the last two years, she has volunteered over 900 hours and raised over $8,000 for the hospital – WOW! The funds have been used for everything from the purchase of new equipment to hospital maintenance. Hali is very dedicated and never misses a volunteer opportunity with the hospital.

Meanwhile, Hali also volunteers with the YMCA of Greater Moncton’s Community Action Network. The program – dubbed YCAN - engages leaders aged 15 to 30 across Canada to address a community need through service projects.

One of the local YCAN groups is currently working to create a sensory room at the YMCA that will be accessible to all. Hali’s background in administration has been vital to the YCAN group’s success.

What else is Hali passionate about?

She is also passionate about encouraging others to find THEIR passion! She is a strong advocate for accessibility and inclusion, and encourages others with intellectual disabilities to keep learning and not to give up. She empowers others who are like her not to be afraid to stand out as they make a difference in the world.

Thank you, Hali, for being the passionate, wonderful person that you are… for being such a giving individual… for leading others… and for doing all that you do with a smile. You continue to make a significant impact in our community – through the organizations you assist, the relationships you create, the funds you raise and the people you have positively affected.

Thank you, Hali, for being a champion of peace in our community!